Monday, December 8, 2014

Save Versus All Wands Makes the Top Ten!

Save Versus All Wands is honored to have been chosen as one of the Top Ten Gaming Blogs of 2014 by Jeffro Johnson of Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog and Castalia House. Jeffro revealed his choices on Friday (one by one and with much drum rolling and fanfare) on Google+ (later reposted on his blog). He also posted it on the new Recommendwhere he is now an Expert reviewer.

Here is the list:
  1. Gaming Ballistic by Douglas Cole
  2. Dungeon Fantastic by Peter V. Dell’Orto
  3. Save Versus All Wands
  4. Delta’s D&D Hotspot by Delta 
  5. The Tao of D&D by Alexis Smolensk
  6. Semper Initiativus Unum by Wayne Rossi
  7. Hack & Slash by Courtney Campbell
  8. Don't Split the Party by Rick Stump
  9. RPG Snob by Jason Packer
  10. Pulsipher Game Design by Lewis Pulsipher
Jeffro commented on the methodology behind the rankings:
The shortlist came from whoever was writing stuff that I would link to on my blog. Every link was essentially a vote by me for who I enjoyed reading. However... the actual rankings came from what my own readers were clicking on. While some might quibble over the exact order, I think that these really are all together the best gaming blogs around. I certainly have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of them.
This is a super group of blogs and bloggers, and without false humility I feel a bit unworthy to be included on it. But I will proudly take credit for at least having the good taste to already be an enthusiastic reader of most of them. Being made aware of the others was a treat.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog: Microgames, Monster Games, and Role Playing Games contains a gold mine of material, stretching back an amazing ten years. There are hundreds of posts on Car Wars (the original focus of the blog), Traveller, other science fiction games such as Ogre and Star Fleet Battlesmilitary wargames (a large and diverse assortment) as well as, of course, old school D&D. Jeffro sometimes posts material inspired by or about gaming with his children. These are quite funny but also wise, as well as being an inspiration for this relatively new father.

In addition, Jeffro is one of the in-house reviewers for the fantasy publisher Castalia House, where he is in the midst of a series of lengthy and detailed reviews of works by the "Appendix N" authors.

I should note that it was Jeffro who first brought up the Femen angle, quipping that mentioning Save Versus All Wands might spark a Femen protest. In return, I thought it might be fun to take advantage of my links in the radical feminist and performance artist communities and "create" one for him.

If he wants to do an interview with Pussy Riot, I might be able to set that up...

But being included on his list made my month.  

Cheers again and here's to another ten years, my friend.


  1. Felicitaciones! Now, if only I could write a blog which doth not suck I would be in your great company, indeed!

  2. Thanks, man. I hope Advent is going well for you and your family. We're up to 25 now, if you include Lydia's stuffed animal pet "Pup" (always eager for more pretend dog biscuits), Ollie's (not to be left out) pet "car" (always on the lookout for pretend "car biscuits") and of course Lydia's loyal troop of invisible faeries. I've been told they all, for some reason, require presents. Lydia and Oliver can sit through Mass, finally. But now there's another generation about to explode into full mobility. A 12 pound goose arrived yesterday, and my wife can think of nothing but cooking it (an expert chef, but that will be a first for her). Life is good. Okay, so I have no idea what "doth" even means, but that's not important...