Friday, January 2, 2015

Kingdom of the Ants

I'm still in the midst of hacking around, randomly creating maps for inclusion in the Wilderness Creation Tutorial for the new version of Seven Voyages of Zylarthen. But I really like this one. Again, these use the suggestions in Volume 4: The Campaign, created with Hexographer. The idea is to come out with something resembling the "Wilderness Survival" map of OD&D, but with a larger scale and a bit more flavor.


  1. This map uses the "old school" black and white icons available with the "Pro" version of Hexographer. I think it's arguably more tasteful and avoids the souped-up Greyhawk map look of the color tiles.
  2. Again, it was generated completely randomly with no cheating. This gives it some interesting aspects:
  3. What is the "village" labeled "Kingdom of the Ants"? Your players probably don't want to find out.
  4. But "Cult of Kali" is pretty self-explanatory.
  5. I like the magic school on the tip of that eastern island.
  6. What would a Dryad "city" (actually, more of the size of a village) be like?
  7. There are too many Witches (aren't there always?).
  8. The Martians get their own city, since I randomly rolled that Arid Plains would surround it. I imagine it's a dead city that the Red Martians (determined randomly, but I'm glad they were Red) have temporally occupied.
  9. The Marsh in the northwest looks unfriendly, with THREE (not one, not two but three) Evil Lords vying for control. Do not go there.

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