Saturday, January 3, 2015

Isle of Pleasure

One more set of randomly created Zylarthen maps.

The two above, created with Hexographer, are somewhat similar to the color and black and white schemes used to map the "Gazetteer" world of the X and GAZ series.

The color map is certainly easier to read and has the virtue of the terrain not interfering (as much) with the captions. But the black and white map seems more "OD&D" to me.

For the Zylarthen tutorial I used the black and white scheme. With a bit of thought and work I believe the captions could be massaged to fit better.

This is more of a southern world, dictated by the random roll of the dice. No swamps or jungles appeared in the south, for example. So since I wanted them, I put them higher, meaning among other things, that if you want real cold or tundra (as we all do sometimes), you presumably have to go "off-map" to the north or northeast.

The "Isle of Pleasure" is an island dominated by a Temple to Pan. God knows what goes on there. But wouldn't one want to find out?

The Mermen live in a coastal cliff village or some such. Remember that in OD&D, Mermen have legs.

For the town in the northwest I rolled that the inhabitants were "Prisoners", hence it's status as some sort of giant prison camp.

Finally, I rolled that the desert village in the southwest was inhabited by "Basilisks". So I surmised that perhaps there was some sort of sudden attack or overrun by the creatures, with preserved human bodies similar to that after a surprise volcanic eruption, such as at Vesuvius.

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