Thursday, January 1, 2015

Apologies and Some Maps

This blog will be going to sleep for a week or so, as I need to focus all of my writing efforts on finishing up some additional material for Seven Voyages of Zylarthen. Among other things, I'm putting together a map-making tutorial for the forthcoming combined-volume virtual edition of the game.

The maps above and below were created using the free mapping program Hexographer and the "random" wilderness design recommendations set-forth in pp. 25-31 of Vol. 4: The Campaign. They're not the pinnacle of artistic or creative achievement, obviously, nor, as you can see, are they completely finished (each city is named "City", and each tower inhabited by an evil Magic-User is named "Evil Magic-User", among other things). But the point is they were each done from scratch in not much more than an hour or so by a non-artist (me).

So, apologies. Once the new version of Zylarthen is completed, I look forward to returning, hopefully shortly after the Feast of the Ephiphany.

Until then, may God grant you a fruitful and happy New Year (and a quick recovery from celebrating its arrival)!


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