Sunday, November 9, 2014

Too Many Damn Elves! Sleeping Beauty's Dungeon: 5th Level

Elves. I hate them.

This is the strange level that I was referring to in the second set of Notes here.

Again, it is the randomly generated "raw" version that will certainly be adjusted.

Section A: What Are All These Good Guys Doing Here?
  1. Monster & Treasure: 80 Elves
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
  4. Empty
  5. Monster & Treasure: 130 Elves
  6. Monster: 17 Duellists
  7. Monster: 16 Blink Dogs
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. Empty
  11. Empty
  12. Treasure
  13. Empty
  14. Monster & Treasure: 210 Elves
  15. Monster: 2 Werebears
  16. Monster & Treasure: 5 Very Young Silver Dragons
  17. Empty
  18. Monster & Treasure: 10 Tigers
  19. Empty
  20. Empty
  21. Empty
  22. Empty
  23. Empty
  24. Empty
  25. Empty
  26. Empty
  27. Empty
  28. Treasure
  29. Empty
  30. Monster & Treasure: 1 Invisible Stalker
  31. Empty
  32. Empty
  33. Monster & Treasure: 8 Giant Hogs
  34. Treasure
  35. Monster: 1 Giant Hog
Section B: Doppelgängers, Flying Creatures, Sea Creatures and More Hogs
  1. Empty
  2. Empty
  3. Monster: 8 Giant Hogs
  4. Monster & Treasure: 7 Griffins
  5. Empty
  6. Empty
  7. Empty
  8. Empty
  9. Treasure
  10. Monster: 6 Giant Hogs
  11. Empty
  12. Monster & Treasure: 1 Griffin
  13. Treasure
  14. Empty
  15. Monster: Doppelgängers
  16. Empty
  17. Empty
  18. Empty
  19. Empty
  20. Empty
  21. Monster & Treasure: 1 Sicarian
  22. Monster & Treasure: 2 Tritons
  23. Monster: 9 Giant Octopi
  24. Treasure
  25. Monster: Doppelgängers
Section C: Okay, I'm Rooting For the Cyborgs
  1. Empty
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
  4. Empty
  5. Monster & Treasure: 100 Elves
  6. Empty
  7. Monster & Treasure: 90 Elves
  8. Treasure
  9. Treasure
  10. Monster & Treasure: 5 Cyborgs
  11. Monster & Treasure: 1 Phansigar
  12. Monster & Treasure: 150 Elves
  13. Monster: 6 Giant Hogs
  14. Empty
Section D: Shriekers
  1. Empty
  2. Treasure
  3. Monster: 14 Shriekers


  1. This is eerily reminiscent of the dungeon keys in the FFC.

    When will we meet sleeping beauty?

    1. Yes. I had the same thought. Good catch. Though I didn't intentionally do that. And I think Arneson had a lot of Hogs too. But the finished product will include more descriptions, traps, etc. Sleeping Beauty waits dreaming probably on 10 but perhaps as low as 12.

  2. Damn those Elves! They multiply like rabbits!

    Well, time to cull the herd... *click-clack*

  3. Maybe these are throwback to the-great-wars-between-law-and-chaos elves: uber lawful, xenophobic, twisted-by-zeal great allies if you don't tick them off and unexpected and hard to handle foes if you do.

  4. Why must they be Lawful? Can there not be Chaotic elves? Perhaps in the style of Poul Anderson's elves from Three Hearts and Three Lions? That would make plenty of sense... and the other Lawful creatures on the level are their prisoners, with lots of traps all around them...

  5. They could be the sleeping army of the princess.

    And the androids are magical elven constructs of steel, Elven glass and mithril which tend for them.

  6. The Lawful clans of Elves have been at war with one another ever since the death of their commander.

    Ages ago, during the Wars of the Liberator, a Elvish general led his forces on a desperate gambit to seize control of the 5 dragons rumored to be held in Technostasis in a deep dungeon. Unfortunately, he died during this enterprise of suspicious causes. His lieutenants were able to finish securing the area and cleaning out most of the androids and machine traps guarding the dragons. After much searching, they were even able to locate the pieces of the control mechanism to direct the dragons. Unfortunately, they leaders fell to infighting as to how to proceed, what enemies to attack next, whether they should first take control of their homelands, etc. This erupted into conflict between the loyalists of the various commanders, a conflict which persists in hit-and-run tactics to this day. It is unknown what forces have kept these elves alive and in conflict with each other, and all of them are completely unaware of how much time has passed in the outside world.

    For further plot ideas, see the Star Trek episode Day of the Dove.

  7. My guess would be that faced with an enemy she couldn't dispatch, the witch manged to
    - trap them in an extradimensional sub-level, or at least some area that lets anyone in, but which can only be exited by non-lawful beings. They've been trying to tunnel their way out.
    - poison their foodstuffs with mind altering 'shroom-based agents that have them persuaded that ding-dong the witch is dead and everything is fine and yes we like living in these chambers ever so much.
    - kidnap their leader and replace him with a doppleganger, who has led them astray at every turn and has the whole group at each other's throats--much as in Anathemata's comments.

  8. Oh great. I was just going to replace them with Goblins. But now I have a vision all of you creative and imaginative people staring at me sternly, shaking your heads. :)

    I actually think some of the the above are great ideas. I don't want the first Zylarthen megadungeon to be a Raggi-esque head-game (not that there's anything wrong with it). On the other hand, it doesn't have to be totally vanilla and predictable either.