Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lulu 30% Off Sale Ends Tonight...

Lulu's three day 30% off sale on print books ends at midnight tonight. I'm not sure what time zone it is, so to be safe I would assume it is East Coast. Use the code FLASH30. It's a great opportunity to buy those OSR products you've perhaps been flirting with buying for so long. (I'm describing me. I often make at least five visits to a book page before I get up the courage to buy). And if any potential customers are feeling guilty about it, the 30% discount only cuts into Lulu's profits, not those of the authors. Thus, the authors love these offers.

For the fun of it, I put together some price comparisons of the original TSR offerings (plus 5e) with some of the the current Lulu offerings (with the discount, of course). The inflation adjustment was taken from here. Though, a few things are left out (such as shipping) and one could debate issues involving the relative quality levels of the bindings and paper, etc.,overall the comparison is obviously quite favorable. Indeed, one could buy the complete set of all six of the clones described below (in their hardcover editions, where available) for only half the price of the three "core" 5e rulebooks.

Back in the Day (plus 5e)
Adj. Price

Dungeons & Dragons (1 box, 1974)
Holmes (1 box, 1977)
AD&D (3 books, 1977-79)
B/X Dungeons & Dragons (2 boxes, 1981)
5e (3 books, 2014)

With 30%
Right Here Right Now


Come on guys, what would you rather have, Delving Deeper or a cheap pint of beer? Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox or a good pint of beer? Seven Voyages of Zylarthen or a martini at the Ritz? Er, okay, don't think about that for too long. Just go to the Lulu page...


  1. Yeah, a good pint of beer is one of life's true pleasures indeed.

  2. Nice post! You can also get a certain Mutant Future/Gamma World/MetAlpha adventure module on sale at Lulu for 30% off as well. Just sayin'!