Monday, October 6, 2014

Zylarthen Test Dungeon: 2nd Level

This is the second and probably last of the Test Dungeon levels, as I've learned a few things I want to incorporate in a larger randomly generated megadungeon. I was partly inspired by Barrowmaze, which was, according to the author, in large part generated randomly.

I think random generation is great. The apparent patterns as well as odd results act as 'imagination engines' to help fill things out. And obviously things would need to be filled out, not only to add tricks and traps but also the architectural and other details that would make the setting really come alive. I hope the Boars make a reappearance in the megadungeon, as well as of course the Sea Horses, but we'll just have to see.

Here are the rooms:
  1. Monster: Pixie (1) AC 9, HD 1+2, hp 8, AT 1-6 plus various magical attacks and defenses MV 9/18, AL Neutrality LN Pixie, Common, Kobold (fluent), Hobgoblin, Leprechaun.
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
  4. Empty
  5. Empty
  6. Treasure: 6,000 cp, Magic Shield, map to 1 unguarded gem (10 sp value), 64 miles away.
  7. Treasure: 2000 cp, 2 jewelry (500, 30 sp value), Magic Shield.
  8. Empty
  9. Monster: Sea Horses, Medium (7) AC 7, HD 2+1, hp 8,8,6,11,10,13,6, AT 1-6, MV 0/18 Treasure: 11,000 cp.
  10. Empty
  11. Empty
  12. Empty
  13. Monster & Treasure: Orcs (2) AC 6, HD 1, hp 5,2, AT 1-6, MV 9, AL Chaotic LN Orcish, 400 gp, 3 jewelry (120, 70, 80 sp value).
  14. Empty
  15. Empty
  16. Empty
  17. Empty
  18. Treasure: 200 gp, 6 jewelry (130, 850, 700, 40, 350, 90 sp value).
  19. Empty
  20. Empty
  21. Empty
  22. Empty
  23. Monster: Cyborgs (2) AC 9, HD 3, hp 16,10, AT 1-6 plus assimilation, MV 12, AL Neutrality LN simple Common plus long range ESP.
  24. Empty
  25. Empty
  26. Empty
  27. Empty
  28. Empty
  29. Monster: Boars (5) AC 7, HD 3, hp 13,10,14,12,12, AT 1-6, MV 15.
  30. Empty
  31. Monster & Treasure: Poisonous Snakes (17) AC 9, HD 1 hp, AT 1 hp plus poison, MV 3, 400 gp, 8 gems (10 sp value each), 8 jewelry (5 sp value each).
  32. Empty
  33. Empty
  34. Monster: Giant Ants (4) AC 3, HD 1/2, hp 1,2,3,3 AT 1-6 plus paralyze, MV 18.
  35. Empty
  36. Treasure: 350 gp, 2 gems (50, 5 sp value).
  37. Treasure: 1 gem (10 sp value).
  38. Monster: Ogre (1) AC 5, HD 4+1, hp 17, AT 3-8, MV 9, AL Neutrality LN Ogre, Merman.
  39. Empty
  40. Treasure: Cursed Sword -2Map to 500 gp and 18 gems (10 sp value each), 3 miles away, unguarded.
  41. Empty
  42. Empty
  43. Monster & Treasure: Giant Ants (8) AC 3, HD 1/2, hp 1,3,3,2,1,1,3,3 AT 1-6 plus paralyze, MV 18, 70 gems (10 sp value each).
  44. Monster: Lizard Men (3) AC 5, HD 2+1, hp 9,10,4 AT 1-6, MV 6/12, AL Neutrality LN Lizard Man.
  45. Empty
  46. Empty
  47. Empty
  48. Monster: Boars (2) AC 7, HD 3, hp 17,8 AT 1-6, MV 15.
  49. Empty
  50. Empty
  1. I used the random generation guidelines from the four Seven Voyages of Zylarthen booklets as summarized in this post, covering the 1st level of Zylarthen's First Dungeon.
  2. I wanted to create a random number of rooms--41-60--but I rolled a 10, giving me exactly 50 again.
  3. This time I included the monster stats, using the format of B1: In Search of the Unknown. For the intelligent monsters, I randomly generated languages for them (LN), using the procedure described in Zylarthen, Vol. 4, pp. 32-36. If I rolled the same language twice, I assumed that meant fluency.
  4. For monsters, on any roll of 1-2 out of 6, I randomly picked a previously generated monster. Presumably monster types would cluster.
  5. Of course I rolled Boars again. Twice.
  6. We now also have Sea Horses.
  7. Does that have anything to do with the fact that the Ogre speaks Merman?
  8. Treasure hordes were adjusted to reflect the guidelines in Vol. 4, p. 4. Basically I multiplied all results except those for cp's and magic items by 20%. There's still almost certainly too much.
  9. This level makes it clear that if you use the treasure assignment scheme as given or close to as given--1 in 4 rooms have monsters, 50% of monsters have treasure and 1 in 6 unoccupied rooms have treasure (which roughly tracks the OD&D recommendations), then you may very well end up with more treasure not guarded by monsters than guarded by them. Even though much if not most of the unguarded treasure will be by assumption trapped or hidden, this still may not be a desirable ration for some.
  10. I love the map to that one 10 sp value gem, 64 miles away (unguarded of course).
  11. Also, getting a magic shield twice was interesting. I initially thought the number and power of magic items would have to be adjusted downward if using the random generation scheme previously outlined. Now I'm wondering whether they might need to be adjusted upward.
  12. Overall, the 2nd level perhaps looks easy. But I think this is deceptive. Remember, the world of Zylarthen can be quite harsh. If you go down to zero hit points you're probably dead, maimed or very hurt.
  13. I made the Snakes poisonous (you don't have to), but that turns these C level creatures into potentially the most deadly encounter on the level.
  14. It is true that the 2nd level is lonely compared with the 1st. Instead of the teaming low-level humanoid melting pot of Bandits, Vikings, Martians, Half-Elves and all the rest, you get only 1 Pixie, 2 Orcs and 3 Lizard Men. Presumably however the Wandering Monster Table for the 2nd Level would feature many of the 1st Level humanoids.
  15. And yes, all of them are wearing clothes. Don't even start with that.
  16. Okay, maybe not the Lizard Men.

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