Monday, July 21, 2014

Link to Me, Baby!

I just spent a few hours updating my OSR blog link list (results at right). It was fun and I made a number of great discoveries. But undoubtedly I left off many worthwhile entries out of ignorance. Please email me or comment, below, if you would like your OSR gaming-related blog to be included.

In return, if you think my blog is worthy, add me to your blog roll. Or, rather...


(I could use the hits)

The fun illustration, above, Monsters Holding Hands, is by Jonathan Frazin, an artist and illustrator working in the Chicago area. He started the piece at our mutual place of business with a fifty-nine cent mechanical writing implement. Then, as he said later in private correspondence, "I was able to do much closer detail once I had my proper pencil." I think that's like a magic wand or something. For more of Mr. Frazin's wonderful work, visit his website, here.


  1. Harbinger of Doom ( is my blog. Read it and choose one:
    a) enjoy!
    b) curse my name to the highest heavens!
    c) regard it with indifference.

    My goal is, of course, A. =)

  2. I have you in my blog roll!
    If you would like to add my blog it's ( )

    it's not all strictly OSR but it is 95% gaming and 5% salted pork.

  3. Good idea. I need to update my blogroll, too!

    Alifefullofadventure.blogspot. com

  4. Hail!

    I've got you now in my blogroll after hearing about Seven Voyages on SOD. I'm planning on reading through Seven Voyages soon.

    Check out my stuff here;

  5. The Basic Fantasy RPG site has a blog here:

    We have several people who post there, somewhat irregularly.