Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zylarthen is 10% Off for D&D's 40th Anniversary

Late to the party as always, I'm making this offer with only 30 minutes to go for the birthday in Chicago, and of course I've already missed it for the East Coast (the exact first release date of 26 January, 1974 is an estimate from Jon Peterson). But we'll do this for 24 hours or whenever I get around to changing it, whichever comes last.

The physical volumes look great. If you liked the PDF's, I think you will love the booklets. They lie flat beautifully without breaking the spine. To quote one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies-The Third Man-"You can pick them up and put them down anytime!"

Xylarthen (spelled with an "x") was the first player-character example mentioned in the original edition. Happy 40th birthday, Xylarthen! And rest in Peace, Gary and David.

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